Joe connects to audiences by being genuine.  

Through humorous stories and poignant insights, his speeches are a reminder of the potential in all of us...if we'll only keep trying.    


--"The Failure Doctor"

In this 30-60 minute talk, the self-dubbed "Failure Doctor" talks about his failure in baseball (70% of the time while batting) and fiction writing (ah, a bit more than 70%).  But more importantly, he shares his three secrets to true perseverance, which lead to success: 1) Failure IS an option (and a good one).  2) Give yourself permission to dream.  3) Use the "Never Going to Get There" lesson.  This is a perfect talk for writers conferences, schools, or businesses where employees must overcome obstacles.


--"Do As I Say..."

This 30-60 minute talk is tailored to Dad's groups or other parenting groups.  Joe talks about the way to get our kids to listen to our wisdom as parents--and common mistakes to avoid.  The "Never Going to Get There" lesson teaches us not only about perseverance and grit, but it also illustrates the most powerful way of teaching our children.  

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