Here is a sample of the reaction from those who have seen Joe speak:

"He had the audience crying and smiling at the same time...Attendees stated he was the best part of the event and asked to have him back next year...This man gave an 'out of the park' speech."

                                          ----Lynn Farrell, Executive Director, Lourdes Foundation

"Joe did an AWESOME job of preparation and he delivered his speech with resounding commitment.  I am just THANKFUL that I had the opportunity to be in the crowd and hear it...I never knew his father but after the way Joe honored him, it was almost like we all knew him so well."

                                          ---- Gerry Nonn, President, Lourdes Foundation

       Here is a sample of the reaction from those who have attended "Rejection to Representation"

"The Agent Pitch--what every writer wants and what every writer fears. Joe Siple's class will dispel those fears with a simple, proven formula that is sure to impress even the most demanding agent, getting you one step closer to realizing your publishing dreams. 

                                       ----Ronda, Class Participant

"Joe is an engaging, informative, and encouraging speaker. Thanks to his expertise, I'm feeling much more confident and excited about pitching my novel."

                                        ----Jesse, Class Participant

"Joe is the perfect person to teach this class. Not only because he is a gifted and agented author, but also because he has the qualities of an extraordinary instructor. He is calm, humble, and accessible. Joe was meticulous in his explanations of the pitching process. Consequently, after ninety minutes of having fun while learning, my classmates and I left with a toolbox of real skills. I, for one, feel incredibly ready to face the pitching process at our local writers' conference, which is right around the corner." 

                                      -----Laura, Class Participant

"Truly enjoyed Joe Siple's preparation course on Perfecting Your Pitch. He goes above and beyond the call of duty by sharing his personal expertise, offering advice and supporting others with shared aspirations for making it in the industry. I found the course to be well articulated, providing practical examples that will serve as an excellent reference for me as I go forward with my professional writing goals."

                                        ----Sheala, Class Participant

"Thank you, Joe, for a great class in helping me understand the subtleties of pitching to an agent--what to do and what not to do. I am much more confident in not only my presentation at an upcoming agent roundtable, but that what I have to say will be heard. 

                                        ----Mary, Class Participant

"Joe is an adept and confident public speaker who really knows his stuff. He is generously willing to share his knowledge of the industry. This is lucky for Joe's students, as it means more of us will soon be able to join Joe in the ranks of those who are called professional writers."

                                         -----Laura, Class Participant


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